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Top Garden Jobs

​The first month of summer has arrived, which means little rest for us gardeners! 

  • In the flower garden… love it or hate it, the season of deadheading is here. Tidying away old, spent and drooping early blooms will keep your garden looking its finest. Add a splash of colour with some self cleaning begonias and geraniums available in store now. 

  • In the kitchen garden…  tomato plants sown back in February can now be planted outside, if not done so already. Whether it be planting them into veg patches, containers or grow bags be sure to plant them nice and deep to create strong anchored plants. Nip out any side shoots regularly so the plants focus on growing tall and producing lots of flower & fruit. Start feeding 1-2 times a week with Organic Tomato Focus.

  • In the plant house…  all risk of frost has now passed. Citrus plants can now be safely popped outside in a nice sheltered, sunny spot. Citrus are hungry plants! Feed them regularly, every one- two weeks or so, with Organic Citrus Focus.

  • In the garden shed…  if you have a compost bin or two on the go, turn them over regularly to speed up decomposition.

  • For the wildlife… it's time to give spring flowering meadows their first cut. Before you do though, double check them for wildlife so you can get them to safety first.

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