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Top Garden Jobs

July has arrived with its warm long days and if we are lucky, less rain! Here are some top tasks to complete in the garden this month: 

  • In the flower garden…  early flowering perennials, such as Hardy Geraniums, Leucanthemum and Delphiniums, whose will now be fading, can be cut right back in order to encourage them to rejuvenate and produce a second flush of blooms for you to enjoy again. July is a key month for keeping our gardens well watered. During hot spells, give your garden a good soak either in the early morning or later in the evening. This will give plants time to draw up all that lovely moisture to get them through the hot days.

  • In the kitchen garden…  harvest time is creeping up fast so consider protecting and supporting your crops. Tie in Raspberry stems to support their fruiting branches with our favourite jute string. Cover Strawberries and other fruits with netting to keep the local birds from pecking away all the ripe berries before you have chance to pick them. If you've grow herbs, now is a superb time to start taking cuttings to dry them for use in the winter months. Don't forget to keep feeding tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers weekly with organic feed.

  • In the plant house…  check your houseplants daily to ensure they're all getting enough water and feed through this sunny month. If you have any big leaf beauties then now is a great time to take them outside and wash away the Spring months of dust that may have accumulated. 

  • In the garden shed…  with our gardens in full swing now is the time to make note of any ideas or changes you would like to make to your space next year. Anything new you would like to grow, anything old you would like to move. Whatever you decide, grab those chairs out of the shed, sit back with a nice drink and enjoy your garden. 

  • For the wildlife…  with warmer weather incoming, help our feathered friends by keeping bird baths and feeders topped up. Give bee's and butterflies somewhere safe to rest and sip up water by filling a shallow dish with pebbles and water.

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