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Top Garden Jobs

Hello April! The days are longer, the tree's are blossoming, the sun is shining (in-between showers) and those weeds are growing! Here are 10 top jobs that can be done this month:

[1] If growing your own veg, those weeds growing on your patch are actually a great indication that conditions are right to sow many veg seeds directly outside. Things such as broad beans, pea's and parsnips can be sown directly into prepared beds, as well as carrots, spring onions and many herbs. Plant out second early and main crop spuds in a couple of weeks to ensure a long harvest throughout the summer and autumn months. 

[2] Whilst you are digging around in those beds & borders consider laying down some slug and snail traps to prevent your fresh new perennial & veg shoots from attack. 

[3] Think about introducing some early support systems for all those show-stopping beauties such as delphiniums, peonies and even roses, before they become top heavy with their gorgeous blooms. Many climbers shall also be producing new growth so tie in and train them along supports now.

[4] Keep an eye on the weather man still for those late frosts so you can keep new plants protected.

[5] Keep feeding your garden. Our gardens have fully woken from their winter slumber now and will be famished as they begin to grow again. Pick up some slow-release fertiliser from the local garden centre and gently fork some into the soil around plants. Roses are particularly voracious once they start growing and so will benefit greatly from early feeds!

[6] If you didn't do so in February then give your planted containers a little treat by removing the top inch of soil and replacing with fresh compost mixed with some slow release fertiliser. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don't dry out as the weather warms up.

[7] Cut back any remaining seeds heads and dead foliage on perennials and ornamental grasses. Divide overgrown clumps which can be planted throughout the garden creating vigorous new plants for free.

[8] Did you get your tomato and sweet pea seeds going last month? Don’t worry, if you didn't you can rely on your local garden centre to provide a vast array of veg plants which you can pop straight into your veg beds.

[9] Check over houseplants for pests and bugs which can spread quickly as the weather warms.

[10] Finally, clear away faded daffodil and tulip heads to keep your borders looking fresh and tidy but be sure to allow the foliage to die back naturally.

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