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August is in full swing and it’s the perfect month to truly soak up and enjoy our gardens in the last of the summer sun. Our gardens are reaching their absolute best and there’s plenty to do to keep them looking beautiful.

  • In the flower garden… there is nothing more essential than watering through the month of August. The last of the summer months is usually one of the hottest, so be sure to water regularly in the early mornings and/or early evenings to keep plants healthy. Deadheading plants including bedding plants, dahlias and roses will help encourage fresh blooms well into Autumn. 

  • In the kitchen garden… it’s harvest time and the moment we get to enjoy the spoils of all our hard labour. Keep feeding those plants though to boost your bounty. Our

    Nanny Net Bags

    and Waxed Canvas Bags are super useful for storing a variety of fruit and veggies in a cool dry place off the ground. If you’ve got any surplus, there are loads of yummy scrummy Pickles, Jams and Jelly recipes out there. 

  • In the plant house… things will be getting hot, hot, hot! Keep on watering. Keep on cooling area’s by opening windows and vents. Keep on watering. Keep on tidying to reduce the risk of pests invading. Keep on watering. It’s a great time to divide or take leaf cuttings of succulents such as echeverias, crassula and sedums. 

  • In the garden shed… many plants, such as aquilegias, cosmos, poppies and sunflowers will have done their thing and now be covered in seed heads. Grab some handy seed envelopes with a pen and get outside on a dry day collecting seeds for sowing and growing new plants in the spring. 

  • For the wildlife… whilst it’s tempting to gather as many seeds as you possibly can, think about leaving a few seed heads, such as teasels, lavender and verbena, standing as winter food sources for birds and small mammals. Also, consider leaving out a small dish of water along with some meat-based dog or cat food hedgehogs. Our prickly friends need as much help as they can get to build up their reserve for hibernating.

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