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Spring is finally here!! With our gardens awakening from their winter slumber here are 10 top jobs that can be done this month:

[1] Now is the time for the big spring clean! If you haven't already been digging over and mulching your beds and borders there is no better time than the present and while you are in there you can remove any pesky weeds before they get too bothersome.

[2] Bring your good ol'mower out from hiding and book it in for a service because by the end of the month your lawn, if you have one, will be back in the full swing of growing again.

[3] If you've been mulling over creating a new bed or border through the winter months, March is a prefect time to get digging. Mark the new shape out with sand, rope or a hosepipe and remove the top layer of vegetation. Dig over the ground incorporating plenty of mulch or manure with fresh compost. If removing lawn set it to one side where it can be disposed of or decompose. Buried grass will only regrow.

[4] Don't take your eye off the weather forecast. Frosts may still strike so be ready to protect vulnerable plants if needed.

[5] Begin feeding your garden. Woody plants such as tree's, shrubs, hedges and roses will enjoy a good general purpose fertiliser while acid loving plants such as Rhododendrons, Camellias and Crinodendrons need an ericaceous feed if your soil is naturally neutral to alkaline. Don't forget to feed your pot plants and planted containers too.

[6] Did you get your tomato and sweet pea seeds going last month? Don't worry, it isn't too late if you didn't. If you did then those little seedling's should be growing away happily. Once they have two good strong leaves you can pot them on into individual pots with new compost. Keep them growing somewhere warm and bright until the last frosts have definitely passed.

[7] Cut down any perennials that have remained standing through winter before new growth appears. March is also a perfect time to divide any overgrown clumps of herbaceous perennials which can be planted throughout the garden creating vigorous new plants for free.

[8] With perennials in mind, be ahead of the game and introduce some early support systems for all those show-stopping beauties such as peonies and delphiniums.

[9] Plant out first early spuds along with shallots and onion sets. If you haven't already, start chitting second and third seed potatoes by standing them in egg trays or such in a light, frost free place.

[10] Finally, now is a great time to prune roses. Clear away dead heads, dying stems and any crossing branches. Rose's are tough plants and will respond well. Head over to our How to prune Roses post.

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